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Offer The Most Comprehensive Health Plan

A Powerful Cyber Driven Plan

4 Platforms Work as 1

Financial cyber solution, one plan, one platform.

Enrollment Platform

  1. Employees enroll via secure link in High Deductible Health Plan.  Medically underwritten, employees answer health history questions.

  2. EEs voluntarily enroll in Pop Supp plan maintaining health and lowering high risk to medium and medium to low, stabilizing future premium.

  3. Employees have 100% coverage in the Cigna PPO network via Supplement plan.

Financial Platform

  1. As employee voluntarily enrolls in the Pop Supp plan the sosphisticated enrollment platform calculates taxes (For Fed, State, County and Local) and pretax purchase savings.  Platform calculates exact costs and will keep paycheck net intact.

  2. Pop Supp costs $0. (Note; if tax savings does not fully cover the cost of the POP Supp, employees will be reimbursed the balance of premium keeping paycheck intact.  Reasonable health maintenance required for continued reimbursement) 

  3. Employee now has exact figures and may consider allocating savings funds without the  uncertainty of high deductibles and medical debt.  This reduces employee stress on debt (present) and provides real numbers for savings (future).

  4. Employee may link over to Employer sponsored 401K plan or recieve help with debt consolidation.  

Consumer Centric Platform

Phone, tablet or computer links employee to all services.


  1. Links to Cigna PPO network for in network access.

  2. Links to claims and Explanation of Benefits.

  3. Links to Virtual Visits with Doctors or PAs and RNs.

  4. Links to pharmacy and formulary.

  5. Population Health link to recorded progress goals and coach.

  6. Link to 401K (separate platform) to log in and review and change investment strategies.

  7. Link to medical records.

  8. Link to doctor visits and appointments.

  9. Link to ancillary benefits, dental or worksite plans.


Level Funded plan or self funded plan provides employer with control and information.

  1. Large pretax purchase by employees of Supp and ancillary plans greatly reduces overall FICA. ($250-$900 per employee per year)

  2. Return of premium averages between 8-12% with a 100% reimbursement of excess reserves.

  3. Employees are financially stress free with this plan increasing productivity.

  4. Pop health plan makes for healthier happier employees, reducing sick time and improving business quality.

  5. One platform reduces routine HR interactions as much is now cyber self serve.

  6. Full on line access to all via one portal.

A New Way To Balance the Healthcare Scale Current plans reduce access and benefits to save premium, limiting employee choice and security. Blueheart increases access and benefits and uses technology to leverage tax savings while securing physical and financial wellness today and tomorrow.

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Link To CMS Statistic
It's Not A Function of Premium
It's what it costs at the end of the month
Leverage Employee Supplement Purchase
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  • Employees no longer worry about Medical Debt.

  • Employers save on FICA.

  • Employers reimbursed annual excess claims funds.

  • Stablizies premium today and tomorrow.

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