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Dental & Life Insurance

Traditional PPO and HMO plans

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Blue Cross Cost Per Paycheck

Click arrow below to view spreadsheet of three offered health plans.

Large PPO Network

Click arrow below to view Summary of Benefit Coverage for theMPP93V36 PPO

Small PPO Network

Click arrow below to view Summary  of Benefit Coverage for thMBP72326 PPO


Click arrow below to view Summary of Benefit Coverage for the MHHB196

Plan Choice and Common Reasons

  • Large PPO; Best Access to Docs and Hospitals

  • Small PPO Network; saves premium.

  • Options; Small & Large Networks; Better Benefits in Small Network

  • HMO; Richer benefits via a referred network of providers.

Blue Access For Members Click Doc Below

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Metlife Dental and Term Life Insurance

Dental insurance is Employer sponsored;  Employer pays for emplloyee coverage..  See Cost per paycheck ablovependent coverage costs.

Life Insurance; Full time emplouees have $25,000 Employer sponsored life insurance. Make sure your beneficiary details are up to date.

Choose Metlife PDP Plus  Network

This is a passive PPO meaning
you may go to any dentist. Most dentists will accept Metilife reimbursement for services.  Network dentists guarantee benefits as described.

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