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Hogan Plumbing Benefits

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Delta PPO & HMO Dental Plan

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G506OPT PPO Dual Network Plan

  • Hybrid Network PPO provides richer benefits in smaller network with option to pay more and access Large Network. Note; Small and Large Networks have separate deductibles, coinsurance and out of pocket.

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Choose Blue Opitons BCO Network

Delta Dental

Dental Plan offers a PPO and an HMO plan. The PPO is passive meaning you can go to any dentist.  To guarantee full benefits we recommend a network PPO dentist, but most non network dentist accept Delta reimbursement and do not charge additional fees.  Check with your dentist before you recieve services.
Delta HMO provides very rich benefits but requires members  to choose and use an HMO dentist.  Many services have copays.  This plan uses the DeltaCare Network

PPO Members Choose Delta Dental PPO Network; DHMO members choose DeltaCare Network.

Use office list or dentist search above to choose Primary Care Dental office (DeltaCare Network)

Vision Insurance

Employer will pay for individual vision coverage via link below.  Once linked, click get a quote on lower right.  

Please inquire with employer regarding cost,

Choose 150 plan when appliying

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