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Today and Tomorrow

Blue Heart Health Plans helps companies today by doing the impossible;

  • Lower overall medical plan costs

  • Increase benefits

  • Increase access for most (Cigna PPO Network).  


The Future Starts Today

Ask your current broker about Blue Heart Health Plans.  Do you have a plan for your healthcare benefits for the next five years?  Join a collective collaborative group that anticipates change.  There is safety in numbers as collective bargaining is the mainstay of healthcare, be a part of Blue Heart.

Business Meeting


  • Healthcare today is comprised of groups.  doctors, hospitals and large employers,  insurance carriers, third party claims administrators and networks that negotiate medical costs mostly based on factors of Medicare Reimbursement. 

  • It is a world of collective bargaining that small and midsize employers simply do not have the power of numbers or stable risk factors in which to negotiate, until now.


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