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Ancillary Carrier Product Market

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  1. This unique cyber product markets on a consumer centric digital platform.  Plan functions with and couples with all health carrier plans.

  2. Brokers and consultants may merge familiar products for their clients to  create a synergy that improves benefits, reduces premium and improves health of the group.

  3. This plan subsidises benefits and ancillary products via a sophisticated, employee personalized enrollment tax engine coupled with a Health Risk Management claim reimbursement program.  The combination of FICA savings and employee HRM reimbursement provides richer benefits and ancillary products at NO COST for most employees.  See enrollment platform below.

  4. Bundles of ancillary products are customized for each employee, increasing various benefits at NO COST for most employees per paycheck.

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Enrollment Platform

Driving this program is an enrolment platform with a sophisticated tax engine that calculates eployee tax from federal to state to local.  This provides product purchase leverage and may maximize FICA savings.  It saves most employers an average of $450 per employee per year.  Carriers may brand or co-brand this product/platform.

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Parallel Lines

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Is an employee voluntary product purchase with covers employee out of pocket medical cost (deductibles and conisurance)


Is a voluntary Health Risk Management Employee Reimbursement Program.  HRM participation  may produce a claim* that is reimbursed  to the employee before each paycheck, most often covering the cost of the GAP premium with some left over for additional ancillary benefit purchase.

* Tax free reimbursable HRM claim is in full compliance with IRS tax code. 

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We are looking for a partnerships to assist in distribution and in turn increase enollment for all offered benefits at no cost for most enmployees.  This is the only plan that covers health insurance deductibles and coinsurance and reimburses employees via HRM claim.

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