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Since 1992, The Benefit Source Inc. has provided group and individual health insurance for the Midwest and nationwide. We offer comprehensive medical, dental, business, life, property and casualty policies from a variety of carriers. At The Benefit Source Inc., we know that there's more to insurance than just providing a policy: We offer our customers a level of service that's unmatched in the industry. From consultation services to detailed comprehensive benefit packages and up-to-date changes

Our Services

We offer benefits consulting services to small groups and large. Whether your employer group is 2 to 50 employees or 200 and above, we can help.  


2 to 50 employees

The Benefit Source has been helping small employers since 1992. Health Insurance is often the largest financial concern among small employers as monthly cost continues to rise and benefits seem to reduce.  The Benefit Source has a variety of ways to address each
employer’s concern.  Options for the employer are not limited, in fact, more choices are available today than in years past.   ​

50 employees and above

Larger employers should carefully review funding options.  Self or level funded plans may save substantial premium annually, but more importantly provide a sense of control and the ability to form a risk a strategy for the future. 

Voluntary ancillary products serve to reduce FICA tax for both employee and employer.  Coupled with an HRM (Helath Risk Managment) plan, an employer may improve benefits and employee health/risk at no cost with zero net impact on employee paycheck.  

Performing Surgery

Blue Heart Health Plans

A Managing General Agency

Affiliated company with The Benefit Source, Blue Heart Health Plans offers cutting edge InsurTech products/benefits primarily through established brokers and agents.  

Focused on the future healthcare insurance and technology, Blue Heart Health Plans anticipates how changes in technology will impact insurance carriers, employers and most significantly, the employee.  Click logo below to link to Blue Heart Health Plans website.



Future focus is key to survival and prosperity in the post Covid world.  Technology linking the consumer to a multi faceted platform will change the way the consumer interacts medical providers, insurance carriers, pharmacies, medical records and telemedicine.  See link below for more informaiton