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  • Developing a Community Health Plan

  • Accessing and Funding Community Risk

  •  Insuring a Community Health Plan

Hospitals & Medical Providers

The Future of Healthcare Delivery
Multiple diverse platforms working together.

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Employee Paycheck Example

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Combine familiar products with incredible results.
DP (Decrease Premium)
IB (Increase Benefits)

IH (Improve EE Health)
NC (No Cost or No Net Cost)
IR (Increase Revenue)

Large Deductible Health, any carrier    DP
EE pretax cost of GAP plan covers OOP.  IB
Employer purchased HRM, Health Risk Management  IH
Employer cost of HRM about 2/3 of tax savings. NC IR
Per tax code direct EE HRM claim reimbursement covers GAP cost and more.  IB
Employee paycheck cost is net zero NC
Extra $ may be available for EE purchase of worksite benefits.  IB NC
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r ee paycheck example


This is the future of healthcare delivery. 
For Further Review
A cyber meeting to provide a detailed understanding of how this delivery system functions .  CFO or representatives from accounting should attend initial meeting as the structure of this plan is financially based.  Healthcare insurance brokers and consultants are also key in any decisions to move to subsequent steps.  

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The Benefit Source is a Managing General Agent working with consultants and insurance brokers to bring new solutions and products to employers and employees.   We are a resource as one point of contact for implementation and ongoing service.

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