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Lower Premium Increased Benefits

Keep your current health plan and broker.  Works with any plan so employees with Spousal or other coverage may benefit.

We are a Managing General Agent working with employers and their broker/consultants

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Decrease Premium & Increase Benefits 

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Combine familiar products with incredible results.
DP (Decrease Premium
IB (Increase Benefits)

IH (Improve EE Health)
NC (No Cost or No Net Cost)

IR (Increase Revenue)

Large Deductible Health, any carrier    DP
EE pretax purchase GAP plan covers OOP.  IB
Employer purchased HRM, Health Risk Management  IH

Employer cost of HRM about 2/3 of tax savings. NC IR
Per tax code direct EE HRM claim reimbursement covers GAP cost and more.  IB
Employee paycheck cost is net zero NC
Extra $ may be available for EE purchase of worksite benefits.  IB NC

                     An enrollment tax engine platform merges information  from HR, Payroll and Health Benefits
             to make this possible.  We 
utilize combined information from disparate sources to greatly improve
fits and reduce cost.


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Above made possible by a sophisticated tax calculating enrollment plantform.  As employees enroll system calculates personal tax subsidy based upon demographics, residence and payroll.  Platform will suggest additional worksite plans, or ees may keep extra amount as a small payroll increase.


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