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3 Solutions for Success

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Client Benefit Webpage

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We design employer specific benefits webpage for employees. Number of designs available, include your agency logo with links to your website. 

Try it, first one is free.  Very
reasonable cost, discounts
with volume.  With volume
client purchase, 15 free
prospect pages per year.
Unlimited changes (witnin reason).  Client may add links as well. 

Agent provides all docs to post, SBCs, etc.  Links to network search, applications. 

Great for group retention and prospecting.  Will provide generic examples to show to prospects.  Will design prospect group specific webpage for very small charge, applied to permanent webpage if group closes.

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SBC PPO et MPP83C36_edited_edited.jpg

Decrease Premium & Increase Benefits Increase ER tax savings, Increase Commissions.

Insure Wellness Slide ER.jpg

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Combine familiar products with incredible results.
DP (Decrease Premium
IB (Increase Benefits)

IH (Improve EE Health)
NC (No Cost or No Net Cost)

IR (Increase Revenue)

Large Deductible Health, any carrier   
EE pretax purchase GAP plan covers OOP.  IB
Employer purchased HRM, Health Risk Management  IH

Employer cost of HRM about 2/3 of tax savings. NC IR
Per tax code direct EE HRM claim reimbursement covers GAP cost and more.  IB
Employee paycheck cost is net zero NC
Extra $ may be available for EE purchase of worksite benefits.  IB NC
Commissions increased with sale of GAP and worksite benefits.  IR

Made possible by fully automated sophisticated tax/enrollment engine with AI assisting in ancillary benefit choice.  Link over to see enrollment engine, click box below.

UP Down Benefits.jpg

Fully Cyber Automated Individual Products

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Click to see example page

Best in class broker individual website powered by HCIactive. Brokers may quote and send like traditional quoting carrier websites or let your client surf benefits and apply without assistance.  We may provide your link for your website and or client webpage.

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